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At Green Energy Exchange, we don't charge you more for green energy. Our affordable plans offer renewable electricity at great prices, so individuals and businesses can save money, while saving the planet.

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I spent 23 years helping make Texas the national leader in wind energy. Now, I want to bring affordable energy to you.

Patrick Woodson, Founder of Green Energy Exchange

Texas Green

Texas Green

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You'll pay a fixed price per kilowatt hour that is competitive with any product on the market today.

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Why go green?

Be Part of Something Big

Traditional power plants are one of the leading causes of pollution. Choosing green power is one of the most impactful choices you can make to directly help reduce emissions. When you switch to Green Energy Exchange, you're not only helping save on your monthly electric bill - you're also helping stop climate change, one kilowatt hour at a time. Switching over a home that uses 1,500 kwh per month for one year is equal to:

  • Removing 34,000 tons of
    Carbon dioxide from the air
  • Keeping 555 bags of
    trash out of landfills
  • Planting 15 acres of
    new forest for a

Our Mission is Simple: Increase Demand for Clean Energy by Selling it at Affordable Prices

At Green Energy Exchange, we supply individuals and businesses with green electricity that comes directly from our renewable generator partners. We pass our savings on to you, which lets us keep prices low.

Our company might be new, but it’s born from 23 years of experience that taught us there’s a better way. As veterans of the renewable power business, we’ve built the large-scale wind farms that helped Texas become the U.S. leader in green energy production. Now, we’re bringing that renewable power directly to customers.

Together, we can help reduce emissions, fight climate change and encourage the growth of renewables. By empowering people to buy renewable energy at great prices, we’ll increase green investment and help move us to a cleaner and greener future. We’re proud to be on the front lines, because we cannot afford to wait.


  • Picking your Provider

    In most parts of Texas, individuals and businesses get to pick their energy provider. And switching is easy:

    1. You choose your plan.
    2. We'll notify your current provider and work with your local transmission company to complete the switch.
    3. You get clean, renewable power via your existing wires and meters.

  • Am I eligible for service?

    If you’re still not sure, just drop us an email at, and we will help you figure out if you can switch.

  • How does the power get delivered?

    We use the same wires and distribution network you currently use. You will see no change or disruption in your service. Once you sign up, we work with your current electric company to make the switch.

  • How can I request a deferred payment plan?

    If you cannot pay your bill on time, please email and we can discuss options available to pay your bill. Please know that you will still need to keep paying for new usage as you pay off any past due amount.

  • Can I get assistance paying my bills?

    If you have filed for unemployment you may also be eligible to participate in the Electricity Relief Program. If you need to file for unemployment click here:

  • What is the Electricity Relief Program?

    Certain customers who have sought unemployment benefits are also eligible for the Electricity Relief Program. To confirm eligibility, you must call 1-866-454-8387. You will be required to provide your name, service address, account number and the last four digits of your social security number.

  • Am I eligible for the Electricity Relief Program?

    The state determines eligibility for the program. If you have filed for unemployment, please call 1-866-454-8387 to see if you qualify. Please have your personal and account information ready when you call.

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